Pathways to Torah Learning

Yesodei HaTorah is a versatile and wide-ranging Torah learning program. Our mission is to offer every Jew (regardless of background) the opportunity to engage in authentic Torah learning.

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Courses to Fit Each Student

Yesodei HaTorah believes that each student needs classes that are a correct fit. Our extensive course catalogue has the Torah class to match each individual’s ability and interests. Here, you will find offerings to stimulate your intellect and satisfy your soul.

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Outstanding Torah Mentors

Yesodei HaTorah educators are an outstanding and caring group of educators. We are proud and fond of our faculty who generously share both their Torah wisdom and their friendship with our students. While our instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds, what they all have in common is a love for sharing Torah.

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Students Make it Happen

The students of Yesodei HaTorah are the life-blood of the whole program. People who are enthusiastic about Torah and dedicated to growth, our students are the ones who make the learning happen.

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“Open Yourself¬†to the World of Torah Learning”

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