Brief History

Our Story: Since 1990 and Growing Every Day

Yesodei HaTorah owes its existence to the vision of Mr. Boruch Levine, of Baltimore, MD. He realized that, although Baltimore is home to Ner Israel, one of America’s foremost Yeshivos, there was a need to create a structured environment, where men with a wide variety of backgrounds could develop their learning skills. Mr. Levine and co-founder Mr. Dovid Kanter approached Rabbi Shmuel Glazer, executive director of the Ner Israel Kollel, for help. Rabbi Glazer, in turn, approached the Rosh HaYeshiva of Ner Israel, HaRav Yaakov Weinberg zt”l. Rav Weinberg knew immediately that our Menahel (director), Rabbi Tzvi Goode, was the right man for the job.

Rabbi Goode launched our program in September 1990 with about 35 students in four shiurim. Thank G-d, we have steadily grown in both size and scope since then. We now encompass more than twenty shiurim and over two hundred talmidim. Our growth is not limited to Baltimore alone. Several other communities, inspired by YHT’s success, have started programs modeled after Yesodei HaTorah. Major Jewish communities including Atlanta, Silver Spring, Cincinnati, Lakewoood, St. Louis, and Denver now have Yesodei HaTorah branches. Further expansion is on the horizon, as Yesodei HaTorah programs are being planned for more cities.

Here in Baltimore, Yesodei HaTorah is undergoing a whole new stage of growth. The opening of our very own Beis Medrash Complex (hall of study and classrooms) has provided our students and faculty with the perfect environment for Torah learning.

Come learn with us and see why so many other Jews have chosen to make Yesodei HaTorah their source for Torah and Jewish growth! To learn more about us, try the many other informative topics below.