The Yesodei HaTorah Philosophy

Our Style: Pure Torah in an Authentic Yeshiva Atmosphere

DSC_2854bNothing compares to learning with a chevrusa (study partner) in a real Beis Medrash (Study Hall). Infused with the electricity of many learning at one time, together in one place, Torah study takes on a whole new dimension. This is the strength of Yesodei HaTorah: Our programs combine the exciting interactions of chevrusa learning with shiurim (classes) taught by a corps of outstanding instructors. Their obvious love of Torah shines through when they teach and has a powerful, contagious effect on their talmidim.

Perhaps the greatest strength of Yesodei HaTorah is the educational philosophy of our Menahel (director), Rabbi Tzvi Goode: His approach is one of total dedication to truthfully conveying our mesora (tradition). Rabbi Goode and his rebbeim feel that Torah stands on its own. It is infinitely beautiful and exciting, and it doesn’t need any external embellishment or “spin”.